Happy Hour--French 75

I think I've finally narrowed it down and champagne or sparkling wine is my absolute favorite drink.  I know in the past that I said I loved margaritas the most, but right now sparkling wine is my favorite.  

Also, this cocktail is my new favorite.  

Travel Diary--Sherwood, Oregon

I don't now if I have ever been more obsessed with a place more than the Willamette Valley in Oregon--great food, great wine, nice people, and beautiful scenery (bonus-- my sister lives there!).  We have been more than fortunate to visit several times in the last year during different seasons and each was special and unique.  By far, the best times to visit are May thru September, but it's nice all of the time, just a little rainy.  

We were really newbies with our Oregon wineries on our first visit and learned a ton. Oregon is known for their Pinot Noir, but is also famous for Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and Gew├╝rztraminer.  There are over 500 wineries in Oregon, with two-thirds of them located in the Willamette Valley.

One of the first areas that we started exploring while visiting Oregon was Sherwood.  This area is full of beautiful wineries know as Chehalem Mountain AVA. So I started doing a little research before we left and narrowed down a few wineries that I knew we had to visit while there.  Our first stop was Ponzi Vineyards.

Ponzi has a beautiful vineyard and tasting room.  The tasting room and surrounding areas are very modern and inviting.  The grounds are surrounded by fields of lavender and the smell is absolutely intoxicating.  We chose to spend our time on their patio with a cheese and charcuterie plate while we enjoyed a signature tasting flight.  We loved every minute of this vineyard.

March Beauty Favorites-Skincare

Since starting my blog back up I really wanted to include some of my beauty favorites and reviews.  Being in my mid 40's, I find that it is hard to find products that really work for "aging" skin. (I often laugh when I think about myself having aging or maturing skin--when did I start to become older???)

When I was quite a bit younger (in my teens and twenties), I really didn't worry about my skin like I should have.  I wasn't diligent with the sunscreen and eye cream.  I so regret that now.  

Now, I'm actually pretty harsh and strict when it comes to my beauty regimen.  I never miss sunscreen, apply eye cream morning and night, and am a moisturizer freak!!  I hate, hate, hate dry skin and fine lines.  I'm trying to fight them every step of the way.  Also, I have had several skin cancer scares and that is definitely one of my top concerns.  

I frequently get asked "what products do you use??".  So I started writing this post and decided to break it up into skincare and makeup (it was just way too long for both). I tend to purchase a lot of products, just trying things out and hope to share new things monthly. I really don't use a lot of products.  I try to abide by the rule-quality, not quantity.

I'm back--I think...

Wow!!  I cannot quite believe that it has been over 3 years since I last posted anything on this labor of love.  So much has happened over the last few years and I am really hoping to get back into the swing of things.

Sooooo, I guess I'll start with what all has been going on...

First things first, we have been so fortunate to be able to travel all over the place.  When your kids are young and you are working your tail off to make ends meet, travel usually falls by the wayside. However, we are now empty nesters and we literally have not sat still for more than a month at a time.  We have been either taking a trip or planning for one all of the time. I've been absolutely loving it. (I'm sure that my boss is probably not loving it as much as me-yes, I still work full time as a Speech-Language Pathologist).

We've taken several cruises and have travelled everywhere from New Orleans and Dallas for the weekend to Santa Barbara, Oregon, Mexico, and all over the Caribbean.  It has really been a lot of fun.

We have been so lucky to share so many of these beautiful places with good friends who are always up for a little wine tasting in Oregon or swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman. (Yea girls trips!!)

So now, things are slowing down and we are planning only one small trip and two big trips this year.  I'm really excited for the upcoming year.  (I also can't wait to share them with you.)  Hopefully, I will have more time to devote to LouLou Sucre. My plan is to transform this little piece of the internet from a blog focused primarily on food and entertaining to one devoted to a little bit of everything.  I hope to bring you fun ideas for entertaining, delicious food, inspired travel, beauty, and a few adventures along the way.  I can't promise that I will be the most consistent blogger, but I think that it will be fun to get back into the groove.

Thank you to all of you who stuck with me through my overly-long hiatus and continued to follow along daily.  I can't wait to start this journey again.

XO, Sabrina

Thirsty Thursday--Lemon Drop Martini

The Lemon-Drop Martini is this week's featured cocktail.

And, I'm kind of sad...
because I'm kind of on a cocktail hiatus right now.
I'm doing a Metabolic Diet and alcohol is a no-no at this stage.
I don't know if I can abstain indefinitely,
but am definitely going to give it my best shot
(for a little while anyway)

So (sob-sob) Thirsty Thursday will be on a little break---
just a little one for a short while,
at least until I'm past the first stages in my weight loss plan--ugggh!!
(I've already lost 10.5 lbs up to this point with diet and exercise-so I'm motivated to keep going.)

Just in case you were wondering, though,
I actually made this cocktail a little while back.
Photographed it,
and started the draft.
I don't know what happened,
but I never shared.

Good thing I guess.

Fall Wish List

We've had one cool day,
not a cold day,
but a day that dipped into the 70's...
and I am so ready for fall.

I can't wait for boots, jackets, and sweaters.
I even started decorating my house for fall this past weekend
(photos to come soon).

I absolutely love fall clothes-really clothes for all seasons,   
but I adore the comfort and coziness of fall, and 
I love, love, love boots.
(Did I say that already??)

Here are a few of my favorites that I plan on adding to my fall wardrobe.

Fall Wish List

How much do you love that clutch and silk dress?
Oh, and that sweatshirt is gorgeous.
I can't wait.
(I sure do hope that someone special reading this gets me that watch ASAP--hint, hint Honey.)

The NEW Laundry Room and Storage Area

A few months ago we decided that we needed a little more space in our laundry room.
We actually use our laundry room as a space for laundry, extra storage, and as a bedroom for our sweet pups.
We were totally out of room.
I wanted a space that would hold all of my extra china, glassware, and serving pieces in addition to laundry, a full size fridge, and a massive wine fridge.
The biggest requirement I had for the room, though, was for it to look as if it were there when we built our house.

We contacted our builder and he was more than happy to turn our outside storage junk room into a laundry room addition.

I don't know why, but I didn't take any pictures of the before space.
(Probably because it was a sad little space.)