Tailgating Tuesday--Sweet Onion Crack Dip

A few years ago I made this dip for my company Christmas Party and everyone went a little crazy for it. Even 4 years later, my coworkers still ask me about this dip.  This dip is one the easiest thing ever to make.  Only a few ingredients and you've got a definite crowd pleaser.  

Fall Makeup Favorites

So I've slacked just a little bit, I haven't posted about makeup or beauty products in a while.  I've been working pretty hard to stay away from the makeup stores and use what I have.  (I know, no fun!!) But a while back I completely cleaned out my bathroom and organized all of my makeup, hair products, self-tanners, etc....  It was quite a job.  That's the main reason why I'm trying to stay away from purchasing anything new. However, I do have to be honest and admit that I've bought just a few things. (I might have a little problem, but sometimes the makeup just calls me.)

Roasted Rosemary Cashews

The very best thing about this time of year are all of the holiday parties. I love dressing up, getting together with my friends, and enjoying a few libations.  Also, I really, really love all of the nibbles.  It's my favorite food group.  I could basically live off of appetizers.  It really is the perfect food.  What other food can you just get a bit of this and a bit of that?  It's just so perfect.

Happy Hour--Cranberry Satsuma Mojitos

I don't know who decided that Mojitos are specifically a summer drink because I'm going have to disagree 100%.    I've decided that Fall inspired Mojitos are life.  I'm serious, these Cranberry Satsuma mojitos are so delicious.  I garnished them with some sugared fresh cranberries which add the perfect festive touch for the holidays.

Hosting a Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tasting Birthday Party

I feel so very lucky to have an amazing group of friends, all of us Speech-Language Pathologists and one Occupational Therapist, that all come together to celebrate our birthdays, have wine nights, attend book clubs, and just hang-out all of the time.  I'm quite a bit older than most of the group, but we all have so much in common--mainly therapy and WINE!  This group is so much fun and most of us in this picture actually took a wine trip to Oregon which gave us the inspiration for this birthday party.

Pumpkin Cheeseballs- Charcuterie and Sun-Dried Tomato

There is nothing better than when you can make your food match the season and be delicious as well as super cute.  I saw the idea for making cheeseballs into pumpkins on one of my favorite blogs and I decided that I had to try it out the next time I made a cheeseball.  They were totally a hit and looked great.  I made two different cheeseballs and turning them into pumpkins was so easy.  

Tailgating Tuesday--Grilled Bratwurst with Peppers & Onions and a Boozy Horseradish Mustard Sauce

One of the easiest and best tailgating recipes that's always a favorite is Grilled Bratwurst Sausages.  We like them spicy and full of flavor.  Top them with some grilled green bell peppers, jalapeƱo peppers, onions, and a fantastic Boozy Horseradish Mustard sauce and you've got a winner everytime (even if your team doesn't quite get the win).

This boozy sauce pairs perfectly with the bratwurst sausages thanks to the rich lager beer.