Bookshelves before

My next project of many is to tackle the bookshelves in my home office. The books have completely taken over. I think they look too uniform and too many. I am looking for inspiration to tie these in with the rest of the office. After pictures will follow soon, hopefully.

Here are a few inspirations that I have found to help me on my way-----

 I really like this one with the color scheme.  It feels very relaxing to me, even though there are a lot of books in the picture.  I love how they have the shelf on one color apart from the others.

 This one screams chaos.  It's totally me--if I were a bookshelf. Love it.

I think that this one is my favorite.  I love the boxes and the picture on the middle.  I especially love the giraffe.

This one is so simple and sophisticated.  I like this--maybe in my family room.

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