A Little Sneak Peek

Over the last week and weekend I decided to undertake a huge (little did I know how huge), enormous, gigantic project.  (I am sure that you understand the enormity of the situation by the use of my adjectives.)  I decided to clean out and reorganize my home office.  It all started with the idea that I would rearrange my bookshelves.  Darn bookshelves.  Darn back-breaking, huge bookshelves.  Well, that turned into a project that is still not complete.  Despite my aching back and very sore arms, I will continue (and try not get side-tracked).  Hopefully, I will eventually prevail with a gorgeous and beautifully organized room.  I thought that I would give you a little sneak peek of the project.

  Office closet before--total chaos and a catch all.

I know that these things don't look like they would go together, but they do.  Along with a few hundred other things....some orange paint, gorgeous fabric, a few stencils, and a lot of books.

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