Some of my favorites

I just love when I find a really cute and creative way to send texts or emails.  I am a stationary junkie and love "thank you" notes.  So when I stumbled across this app today I knew that I had to have it.   I am sharing this with you so that way when you text me you can send me a great post!  

This really cool app for the iphone was created by GADABOUT.  It is called the "post" app.  You can use the app for invites or posts when you want to add a little something special.    Loved it and used it immediately.

Also, any of you who get emails from me know that I love to send them on stationary.  I use the website  You can buy a yearly membership for unlimited emails throughout the year.  I love the preppy designs.  Truly creative emails.  They also have fabulous paper products and cute plates, trays, and ice buckets.  Love the monkeys and the colors!!

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