Some of My Favorites

I think this might become a weekly thing.  I find things that I think I need or have to have, and share them with you.  Today it is tea towels or dishtowels.  First, I must say that I love tea towels and that I have too many to count.  I think it might be a problem.  Saturday I was shopping and found the cutest "Louisiana" tea towel and oven mitt.  They both had the cute design, but the oven mitt was black.  I loved it even more when the design was in the shape of a fleur de lis.    I bought the tea towel and oven mitt at Lewis' gifts.

Another of my favorite "Louisiana" tea towels I found at the Village Washstand.  You can also purchase this one at  They have towels, pillows, and glassware for states and regions.

I am also loving tea towels with cute sayings.  I found these at

There are even towels to remind you of things, like not being paper towel and anniversary gifts.  These I found at and

Lastly,  I loved these tea towels--complete with recipes from


  1. Sabrina, I forgot to ask if you found the fleur de lis towel at Lewis' gifts in Ruston???