Dreaming of Spring

Every year when the weather starts to warm (Early February in Louisiana) I start to rush spring.  I simply LOVE SPRING!!  I love the warm weather.  I love the green peeking through the ground to ultimately become beautiful flowers.  Well, since I can't plant all the beautiful annuals or start on my vegetable/herb garden, I decided to plant a few more of the plants that are suitable for February weather--Roses!!  I currently have roses stretching across our back fence.

Climbing Pinkie

Don Juan

Climbing Circus

 Peggy Martin "Katrina" 
(Follow this link for some history on the "Katrina" rose)

My husband and I took a little road trip to a rose nursery that offers approximately 300 varieties of roses. We were completely overwhelmed at all the beautiful roses.  I had done my homework, though.  I knew that I wanted more climbing roses to cover our side fence and I had checked on disease resistance and  growing conditions.  The staff at the nursery was very helpful and steered me down the path to the longest blooming, most heat resistant varieties. 

 Dublin Bay

Gertrude Jekyll


All the roses are planted and now I'm just waiting on the warm weather (I know I'll regret this statement in August)!!

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