Monogram Ideas

Being from the south, I think it is an inherent characteristic to monogram everything in our sight.  I think this is an endearing and lovable characteristic that I and so many of my friends and family possess.  I am not ashamed to say it but "I love monograms!!".  I think it is totally reasonable to buy monogrammed soaps.  I also think it is a shame to not monogram all of your hand towels and not let your husband use them.  (Those are for the guests.)  We are so lucky in 2011 that we have the internet-- it is truly a beautiful thing.  It gives us access to all things monogrammed.  I have gathered a few ideas that I thought were fabulous for putting your own personalization on everything.

From left to right:
Top row:  Lucite Trays, Dining Chairs, Necklace
Middle row:  Tissue Paper, Pillow, soaps
Bottom row:  tea towel, Vinyl Stickers, Towel


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