And So The Plantings Begin...

I could have finished this title with "and so do the days of our lives".

This past weekend, my husband, kids and I did a little gardening.

HaHa--I nicknamed this picture "Rick's Back"!!!  Just kidding--I totally let him use a wheelbarrow!!

I wish that I would have taken pictures of my husband, Rick, carrying bags of manure and garden soil back and forth.  Lauren (in town from college for spring break) cutting bags of manure and breaking fingernails, and Paige raking the manure and top soil together.  I made sure that everyone was doing what they should be doing--being the supervisor, of course.  I think that they may not of worked as hard as they did if I were clicking away.  Oh well, the mental image is one I will never forget.

All of this hard work allowed us to expand our vegetable garden and do some early spring planting.  I planted these--


Let's hope we have success.  The instructions for planting were for "early spring".  I think this past weekend qualifies.

Hopefully, we will be able to plant the remainder of spring and summer vegetables and all of the annuals that I will swoon over in the next few weeks.  I'm just trying to be patient as to avoid one last cold front.

Meanwhile, I don't want my husband to become idle.  So I have decided on a new project that I have been wanting to start for the past few years.

Hopefully, it will look similar to any one of these--

Napa Style

Pottery Barn
Wish us luck!!


  1. Your garden looks like it is going to just gorgeous!!! Please post photos once it comes together! :)

  2. Snow peas are one of my favorite! Do remember how your crop did last year?


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