Fabric Cork Boards

I finally received the beautiful terra cotta fabric that I ordered over a month ago to make my cork board project.  I thought that it would be great to use this geometric fabric with cute gold nail heads to frame them instead of traditional ribbon.  My only complaint--they could have been larger because they are so fabulous!!

Here's how you make them---

Select fabric and cork boards.  I used boards with a slight raised edge on the back so I (my husband-he's been super sweet since I hurt my wrist) could staple the fabric easily to them.

Staple one side and make sure that the fabric is straight and following the pattern.  

When you get to the edges, fold it over and staple the fabric to make a simple envelope edge.

Continue all the way around the cork board edges.

Repeat all of these steps on next board.  Make sure that your fabric is even and lined up perfectly.  

Next, measure the sides of the boards subtracting 1/2 inch from all corners.  Decide how far apart you want your nail heads to be.  I chose one inch.  I was able to place 17 nail heads horizontally and 16 nail heads vertically on each side by using these measurements.  I used a sewing ruler because of the notches and I could easily place the nail heads in each notch so that they were perfectly spaced.  

Finished product--I then repeated all of the steps and made sure that the nail heads matched on each board.

Once I finished the boards, I trimmed the excess fabric and used a little fray stop around the edges.  I then hung the boards with 3M photo hangers--one of the best inventions ever!!


  1. Are you just gonna use regular push pins to post things on the boards?

  2. I found some really cute gold push pins with different designs. I'm going to order those.

  3. It looks the fabric!!

  4. I saw this (and then linked to your blog) on CasaSugar. I'd love to try this!

  5. You should. It's so easy and looks great. I'm going to try really hard not to cover up the beautiful fabric!!

  6. Where do u get the cork board? I only see them with wood framing or as single tiles. Thx

  7. I actually got these at Office Max. They are Board Dudes. The edge is that really strong cardboard stuff.

  8. Those look fabulous! Love the fabric.
    I am here from the Lettered Cottage :)