An Inspired Garden

Every year at this time, I start to relish the fact that it spring is on it's merry way.  I pull out my gardening gloves because I know that there is a lot of planting, pruning, and watering in my future.  I wash the lanterns, the cushions, and check my stock of white pillar candles (for the bazillion lanterns--I love to dine by candlelight).  The weather is usually nice (not 102 degrees with 100% humidity).  It's crisp and cool in the early morning and fair enough for a t-shirt in the afternoon.

I am already starting to contemplate the plantings, placement, and entertaining.  I must admit though--my husband has the green thumb.  I just tell him where to put things and he tells me EXACTLY how to care for the plants.   I don't mind though.  I happily follow him around with a watering can and a pair of pruners.

Last year, I must say, was probably the best year ever for our garden.  We had blooms and blooms.  It seemed as if everything wanted out after our uncharacteristically harsh winter (it actually snowed!!).

Hope my garden has inspired you.  These pictures definitely have me longing for the first spring blooms.  They're on their way, thankfully.

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