Pillows 101

My daughter, Lauren, is home from college for Spring Break this week.  She has decided that she wants new pillows for her apartment.  So I decided that she gets to learn to make them!!  So get ready for a quick tutorial.


First decide what size pillows you want to make and what kinds of fabric.  We are making two-20x28" pillows (standard size pillows), 1- 18x18" pillow, and a 5x12" bolster.   Lauren picked out two really cute patterns to coordinate with her bedding.

To make a regular pillow with no edging, measure the fabric's width and length.  Make sure to not include edging on fabric.  Straighten all the pieces and cut the fabric the size of the pillow form.  I usually make all my pillows 1" smaller than the forms so that they are very full.

Pin fabric together, with fronts facing each other.  Lauren likes to put a lot of pins in her fabric, I guess she is afraid that it will fly apart.

Sew fabric together.  Start in the middle of one side and end leaving a space to put the pillow form inside the pillow.  Make sure to leave a large enough space.

(I used the photo of the other fabric that we used to show how you sew the pillows with the right sides facing each other.  The zebra fabric we used is reversible, so we could sew it either way.)

Pin and hand sew the remaining space.

I think she did a great job.  She also made three other pillows for her bed.  (I'll post instructions on how to make a simple bolster at a later date.)

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