Everything's Coming Up Roses

I am completely loving the roses in our garden this year.  They are more beautiful than ever.  Everyday when I get home from work I have to go into the back yard and see which buds have opened.  I smell them every single day!!

Since I am enjoying them so much I thought that I would share a few pictures.

The last picture is of the "Peggy Martin" rose, known as the "Katrina" rose.  It was one of the only roses to survive Hurricane Katrina under 20 feet of salty water.  You can read more of this story of survival here and here.  Our Katrina rose actually came from my mother-in-law's yard.  It actually fell over and rooted itself.  It is amazing how prolific this rose is.

I know this plant is not a rose, but isn't it wonderful--it's called "Angel's Earrings".  We found it over the weekend at a local nursery and thought that it would look great in a hanging basket.  Fun!!

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