Oh How My Garden Grows

This past weekend, we finally got everything planted in the vegetable and herb gardens.  I am really excited and thought I would share a few pictures.  It never really looks like much when the plants are first planted.  I always have to remember that, because soon they will be huge and out of control.  Since I am relatively new to vegetable gardening, I look at this as a learning process.

This year I added another raised bed for the vegetables in addition to the one we put in last year.  I think that raised beds are the way to go.  You don't have to dig in the hard clay that we have here in Louisiana.  The dirt is perfect in the bed and it's easy to manage.  For our beds we used Miracle Grow garden soil and cow manure.  The beds are 34 cubic feet, with 24 cubic feet garden soil and 10 cubic feet cow manure.

We planted a total of seven tomato plants in one bed--Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Jubilee, German Green, Better Boy, Sweet Chelsea Cherry and Yellow Pear Cherry.  I also planted a tomatillo plant.

The new bed has red, green, and yellow bell peppers, two jalapeno plants, and two poblano pepper plants. I have a cantaloupe plant and three sugar snap peas.  I also added some lettuce seeds left over from the fall garden to see if they would produce anything before it gets too hot.

I also added a trellis to the middle of the second bed.  I planted morning glory seeds under this to add some color and height to the garden.  The one's I planted are Picotee Blue and Moonflower.  They are both gorgeous.

This years herb garden is coming together as well.  My herb garden started about 8 years ago.  When we put the flower beds in along the fence in our backyard, we made the beds extra wide.  This allowed us to place herbs and flowers in with the shrubs.  It looks really good.  This year, I was really lucky and several plants seeded themselves and came back on their own such as chives, thyme, mint, and oregano.  My rosemary bush is several years old and I added some sweet basil and lemon thyme.

Here's hoping for a bountiful harvest.

Wish me luck!!


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! I just planted my garden - from seed. So it will be a while before anything looks good. But I'm totally new to the whole thing, so I will be looking to you for advice.

  2. Hey, Sabrina! So nice to see another local blogger! And your garden is inspiring - I don't have anything in the ground yet, but I intend to - we'll see how it goes. Check me out:

  3. Absolutely exciting!! I see now that you're in Louisiana, explaining your beautiful magnolia branches... I'm sure your garden did well with all of that prep work and with being raised. We're in Oklahoma,. Have always dug deep gardens but are venturing out into raised beds for the first time this year! Wish us luck. I'll try blogging about it.


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