Master Suite Ideas

I am planning on redecorating my master bedroom and bathroom in the near future.  The bedroom probably sooner than the bathroom though.  However, I do want to start planning both to start preparing for the cost/labor/headache!!

Here is what it looks like now.

 I LOVE my bed, but am wanting to change out some of the other heavy furniture.  I primarily want to change the wall color and curtains.  Everything is really dark.  I did like these colors 10 years ago, but am feeling the need for cream, white, and antiqued gold.  I recently bought new linens from Restoration Hardware in Garnet.  I would love to have cream or white, but 3 dogs beg to differ.  I think that the red, cream, and gray will be beautiful if I can find the right color for the walls.

I also found this fabric, and feel that it must be in my room somewhere.  

and some type of mirror or large piece of art in place of the dresser--something like these

Cote de Texas

The walls are currently painted a dark sage green (circa 10 years ago) and make the room feel really dark.  Good for sleeping, not good for seeing.    I'm thinking a color like one of these ( my favorites so far are Glass of Milk and Velum).
Pearl Ware

Mercury Glass


Magnolia White

Butter White


Glass of Milk

We are also planning on replacing the carpet later this year with hardwood floors throughout the entire house (except bathrooms and kitchen).  I'm thinking dark, wide planked, and hand scraped like

I really want the bedroom to be calm and restful.  A few ideas--

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle

Decor Pad
The Trendy Home

Sarah Richardson

Decor Pad

Suite Suite

Unidentified Lifestyle

So I'm just starting to gather ideas, but any suggestions or ideas would be great.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.


  1. Sabrina, I have a fabulous suggestion! Instead of dealing with the headaches and hassle of redecorating yall's bedroom, you could just give me that beautiful bed and quite possibly the most comfortable mattress ever! Think about it, it would just be a lot easier on ya to just fedex me all the furniture and you can have all my white furniture! It would make sense because it seems that you are trying to go in a more light and bright my white furniture you got me in like 6th grade would be PERFECT! :) Love you and let me know how it goes!

  2. You are so funny!! Did you read the part where I said that I LOVE my bed!!