New Wall Color--Everywhere

It is official, I am completely changing my entire house with one can of paint.  Well, not really, I think that I am up to 7 gallons, but one color paint.  

 I painted my foyer Benjamin Moore's "Ambiance" and fell in love.  It looks like creamy butter  (and who doesn't love butter).

I wanted to change the color palate of our house and wanted to go with a neutral.  I'm not really a gray or taupe person, so I chose the yellow family.  The color is fantastic and makes my furniture and accessories really pop.  Now, I've decided that it has to go EVERYWHERE!!  And by everywhere, I mean the kitchen, family room, dining room, bedrooms, and halls.  

Here's a sneak peek of the foyer. 

 It's not finished.  I need accessories and something really fabulous for the entrance table.  I LOVE my lilly pad plates and definitely want to use them as a centerpiece for the room.  I may want to add more.  I may replace the candlesticks with a really cool lamp like one of these

Restoration Hardware  

Here are a few inspirations of the feel that I want in my living areas.  I have no plans of replacing most of my furniture, but really want a light and airy look.  I'm hoping that I can achieve this feeling with fabrics and accessories, and of course, paint.

I really love this picture.  The chandelier and mercury glass accents are gorgeous.

I adore this coffee table and natural accents in the room.  I would kill for the ceiling.

Wow, I don't really have to comment, the chairs are fabulous.

One of my favorite kitchens ever!!  I am so going to copy the glass in the cabinet doors.

Source: None via Bethany on Pinterest

I love the lighting and the wood accents.  Look at the farm house sink.  Love it!!

I promise to post pictures soon of the completed rooms.  There is still a lot of work to do, though.  I'm definitely open to and would appreciate any ideas that you may have.  

New Projects Galore!!

Wow, it's been a busy few weeks around these parts.  I don't think that I've sat down at the computer more than once since returning from our vacation.  I have been on a decorating/organizing/painting/rearranging/sewing warpath.  All this, and looking for an apartment for our youngest daughter (soon to be empty-nesters), packing her things, and working 40-50 hours a week.  There are not enough hours in the day.  It has really cut into my TV watching time (boo-hoo).    

I kind of get in these moods and once I start, I keep going and going.  So I thought that I would share a few sneak peeks of some of my current projects.  

First, I added a new love seat to our family room.  I am trying to simplify and our chairs were just plain worn out.  (Great addition to college apartments.)  Love it, love it, love it.  I'm not the biggest leather fan, but my husband really wanted a leather sofa, so we compromised.  I love our current sofa and talked him into just getting replacement cushions for our sofa and adding a love seat.  I plan to make new pillows for the love seat and sofa soon.

Next, we had to repaint the wall behind our fireplace.  It was originally chocolate with a green undertone to it, but when we placed the new love seat next to the wall it looked like baby poop.  So Benjamin Moore's Friar's Brown to the rescue.  (The absolute perfect chocolate brown in my opinion).  I also rearranged the shelves flanking the fireplace.  I think that they look nice, not as busy.  

Next, we decided that we liked the color so much that we had to paint one of the kitchen walls the same color (we already have it in the spare bedroom, too).  We are repainting the rest of the kitchen also and  putting some new tile on the backsplash, but you will have to wait for those pictures).  

I've also rearranged at least half our our collected art in the house and completely add new linens to the spare bedroom.  The projects are not finished, but are definitely coming along.  

A Lake Vacation

This past week,  my husband and I traveled to the Charlotte, NC area for a visit with my sister and her family.  We had a great time.  I didn't take that many pictures, but I have a few to share of the sights of Charlotte and some fun on the lake.

It was a very relaxing week, thanks to this--

We were very fortunate to enjoy some quality time on this beautiful lake with my family and some of her wonderful friends.

My nephew, J and his friends, I think had the best time, though.

Although, most of the week was spent on the lake, we did do a little sightseeing and shopping (my favorite).  Charlotte has a lot to offer for the sports fan.

Panther Stadium

Don't forget NASCAR--it was everywhere

So I guess it's back to work on Monday.  I hate that I won't get to spend this week on a boat in the middle of a beautiful lake, but there's always next time.