Project Infinity and The Foyer---Before and After

I sometimes get an overwhelmed feeling when I start a project in my house.  I tend to be one of those people who start a project and then goes from project to project to project, unsure of where to stop.  I  must confess, though, I do love to change things up as often as possible.  Does this make me never satisfied?  Maybe???  I think that I am satisfied sometimes and sometimes I just have so many ideas.  I blame you other bloggers (and HGTV), really.  You all give me such wonderful ideas that I have to constantly re-do, re-do, re-do.  

Well, this last loop of projects started with the foyer in my house.  I really wanted a change from the dark red walls that we painted some 9 years ago.  My husband did not want to change it, he knew that it was going to take an awful lot of paint to go from dark red to cream.  But, alas I won in the end.  

Here is my foyer before.  Dark red walls and ceiling, entry table, mirror, oil paintings.  Everything was really heavy.  

And here is the after

Creamy wall color,  my favorite lily pad plates, and an assortment of plants and candles.  Very simple, yet light and airy.  Just what I was going for.  

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  1. Oooo.... I love the lily pad plates. You must feel like the space is so much larger now that it's painted a lighter color (although I liked the darker shade as well).


  2. I thought it looked great in the before, but the after is gorgeous!

  3. Yes! The after is better enjoy your space.

  4. I LOVE the lilly pad plates on the wall! I think that it is a great transformation.... very fresh and clean!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  5. those are such unique plates! love the new wall color

  6. This is MY kind of entryway, so warm and inviting. I just got out of the furniture import business and we sold the very same (ours was hand made repro) piece you've got in your entry. Don't you love that the pulls are carved from wood? I always thought those were so beautiful! Love the green plate/bowl arrangement too!


  7. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments. I too LOVE the lilly pad plates. They are my favorite. That is so neat, Nancy, that you sold the same piece of furniture. An antique appraiser told us that ours dated back from the 18th century. It is actually put together with wooden pegs. It was in my husband's family. His grandfather was an antique dealer.

  8. Ah...those plates. Like everyone else I love those. And the pedestal planter! I love that you took the time to add Spanish moss to your live plants, makes it look so finished. Nice work.