Tile Project

A couple of weeks ago, we decided that we were going to add a tile backsplash in our kitchen.  My husband always thinks that we can do everything ourselves, so our tiling project began.  The tile that we decided on was honed travertine in a subway pattern.

So we measured, bought the tile and off we went.

The first step was to remove the existing granite backsplash.  This was a pretty big job, because the glue was the strongest glue EVER!!

Once the granite was removed, we had to repair the wall and remove the wood around the window.  We decided that we would tile to the top of the cabinets to make the window a focal point.

Next, we started the install.  It's funny, because the night before we were sitting on our patio and discussing the project.  My husband said "I think that it will take us about 3-4 hours to lay the tile".  I said "I don't know, that's a lot of tile and a lot of cutting".  

Well, about 15 hours later, the install was complete.

After waiting the requisite 24 hours, we grouted the tile.  This was a whole lot easier.

Next was the sealer.  Nothing in the way of labor.

The Finished Project


  1. WOW, it's beautiful Sabrina! Very nice sit back with an adult beverage and enjoy the fruits of your 15+ hour labor!

  2. Oh I LOVE the backsplash! Awesome job!