A Louisiana Cookin' Party

I think that I possibly have some of the best friends in the world. Smart, beautiful women (and men)...generous and kind. 
The reason that I'm going on and on is that-- a couple of weekends ago, a few of my favorite people in this world 
Vicki, me, Christina, and Michelle
hosted a fabulous party to celebrate an article that was written about my husband and myself 
in Louisiana Cookin' Magazine. 
The party was held at Michelle's house.  Her house is beautiful--I mean really beautiful.  She and her husband recently renovated their backyard area and added a pool, outdoor kitchen, dining area, multiple seating areas with fire pit---super fabulous!!

 (These are all of her patio and pool area at night--hopefully I will have a few daytime pics when she lets me show her entire house on this site.)

The food for this party was all made by the hostesses and a few of my other fabulous friends.

All in all, the party was wonderful.  I definitely couldn't have asked for anything better.  
Thank you all so much!!

P. S.    All photos are courtesy of William Manwaring Photography

(Thanks so much Will!!)

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, beautiful home and from the looks of it ... a fantastic party!

    I will be back to drool over your events :)

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