Oh, Christmas Trees!!

It's kind of a joke to all of my friends about the number of Christmas trees that I put up in my house every year. 

It almost seems as if it grows yearly, too. 

This year I have 5 --- 
Family Room, Dining Room, Office, both Guest Rooms.

 I really do love it.  I know that my family loves it--it's expected at this point, and I think that my friends (even though they make fun of me--you know who you are) love it too.

 I have to say that I am definitely a glittery kind of girl.  
I cannot decorate a tree without sparkle.  
I think every year that I will decorate a tree with simple adornment, but soon I am out of control--sparkle her, glitter there.  
I wanted to provide a glimpse of all of the trees at one time.  
I promise to show all of the decorations for each room and of some of the beautiful ornaments on each.  

I have been so fortunate that so many of my wonderful friends and family members have given me the ornaments.  
They all know how much I love decorating for Christmas.  
Each and every one are so very special to me.
The Family Room Tree

This tree is primarily gold with some red accents.  This is "L's" favorite tree.

The Dining Room Tree

 This tree is probably my favorite.  Most of the ornaments are glass (and very heavy).  
I've also added some beaded snowflakes and some beautiful champagne beaded artichokes.  
Gold, silver, champagne, and red are the colors featured.

 The Office Tree

The Office is officially my Santa room.  I have a collection of over 50 Santa's and they are everywhere in my office.

 The Guest Room Trees

"P's Room"

This is the first year for this tree in "P's Room".  I really wanted it to coordinate with the updated color scheme.  I used red berries, lime green, and lots of natural elements.  

"L's Room"

This tree keeps with the masculine scheme of the room--copper, brown, black, and gold.  
I have nick-named this tree the "Saint's Tree".  


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  1. I can't believe how absolutely stunning your Christmas trees are!

  2. If you are crazy with all those trees so am I! They are beautiful. My personal blog has this exact same background template! Great minds think alike!

  3. Your trees are all glorious! I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite they are all so wonderful!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Party at 2805!

    I hope you will visit Hometalk, the generous sponsor of the $100 Pottery Barn Gift Card!

    I have just become a friend and follower!

  4. I love all your trees, the more the merrier I say!

    Laura :)

  5. What beautiful trees! I love all of them and the colors are perfect! *Becca* (now following by way of 2805)

  6. Sabrina, these are all absolutely stunning trees. I'm a Louisiana girl and those fleur de lis captured my heart! LOL! I saw your feature on 2805 and am happily following! I hope you will follow me, too! Happy Holidays!!!

  7. 5 Trees!!! And they are all GORGEOUS!! You are so creative and talented- beautiful Christmas trees girlie:) Thanks for linking up!


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