DIY Terrarium Project

This weekend I accomplished the first of my upcoming projects 

-- terrariums for my foyer. 

(And, I liked them so much a added a few to my kitchen. )

 This was a relatively easy project.  
I already had all of the glass containers and after a quick trip to a local nursery--- I was good to go.  
I love the idea of a little bit of spring during the cold, winter months.  

My husband grew a few of the Tillandsias (air plants) last year 
(he has a very green thumb, unlike me).  

They are so neat--no soil needed.  They just grow.  I attached these to this piece of drift wood.  I also put a few in moss and rocks.

I also added a few low-light plants and some maidenhair fern (my favorite).
I used red Cyclamen for a pop of color. 

In the kitchen, I repeated the red cyclamen and Tillandsias to the bar area.

According my local nursery (and my husband), these plants need a light misting once or twice a week and a deep watering every month or so (depending on how much we have to run the heater). 

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  1. Absolutely fresh and classy! Love it. This is funny, I too have a husband with a talent for growing indoor plants. My strength is out in the veggie/flower beds, but he can grow indoor pretties like nobody's business. Well done, I may be copying your ideas!

  2. Oh i love air plants!!

    be careful with your airplants. when you mist them mist them and make sure with in 2 hours they are able to dry out. if they stay wet they will rot. I used to "soak" mine, that killed them. there have been a lot of mixed things i've heard on caring for these plants so i've tried all of them to figure it out for myself and what i find is mist every 5 days. don't soak them! if you are going to put them in water dip it in and take it out right away!

    here's a post i did about airplants if you are interested (i don't want you to have spent all that money and then kill them because someone told you the wrong care instructions, that sucks!)

  3. What a pretty idea! This is like a breath of fresh air, after all of the heavy garlands and greenery from Christmas! I love it!

  4. I love terrariums and plan on making a couple myself. Yours are beautiful.

  5. Great way to bring fresh greenery into your home in the winter.
    Your newest follower, Mary Alice

  6. Oh, they're so pretty! Clean and fresh - makes me want spring even sooner!

  7. fantastic job! i love the different shapes, styles and textures you used. xoxo - julie

  8. This has got to be the best display of terrariums I have seen. I just love the way you have put them all together. I have a few glass vases with nothing in them - I think I might have a go !
    Following from

  9. What a beautiful display of terrariums! I really like this all displayed together! I appreciate you linking this lovely post to Potpourri Friday!

  10. I love the fresh, elegant look. Nice job.


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