A Few Things I'm Working On

I have quite a few things going on right now that I am really excited about. 
I am really hoping to expand my design business this year and hoping to open an Etsy shop (pillows, throws, etc...) soon. 
(Hopefully, I can get it all together!!)

I am currently working on a bathroom remodel, a nursery, a living/music room, and  a guest bedroom.  Yes, they are all different clients.  
This is really exciting for me--and a little overwhelming if I am being quite honest.

I am doing all this and working a full time job as a Speech-Language Pathologist and director of my department.   
But, with any luck, (hopefully) I will get to decrease my medical career and increase my design career (one day).    

Here is a sneak peek of an upcoming project--

The Nursery

You can see where we are trying out a few paint colorsMy client and friend, Carolyn, is not going to find out the gender of her baby.  So we are going to be designing a gender-neutral, cozy, comfortable nursery with antique charm. 

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