Jewelry Organization--I'm in LOVE

A few weeks ago I became very frustrated with my current jewelry organization system
 (everything crammed into a tiny jewelry box). 

So, I decided to remedy this problem, but was unsure of how to go about it. 

I knew the following things to be true:
  I wanted it organized/displayed somewhere in my bedroom or bathroom. 
 I wanted everything to have it's own place. 
I had no where to accomplish all of my wants/needs with my current furniture/drawer space. 

So, I started shopping. 
This past weekend I found this--- 

An English Cocktail Cabinet from a local antique store.
 It was perfect. 
The cabinet had a mirrored back and glass shelves--too cute.
There is a drawer for sweet little trays, 
cabinets on the bottom for more storage.

Yes, I said the ultimate word---STORAGE (isn't it a beautiful word!!)

Next, I went to my local fixture store (it's right next to my work)  
and found some cute jewelry displays.

Here is the finished project---

I absolutely LOVE it!!


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  1. I want one of those! That is incredible~ like you're shopping your own jewelry every day!

  2. Lovely! Of course most of my jewellery would fit in one tray. But I do love the idea you've used.

  3. What a great way to organize your jewelry!


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