Organizing Jewelry

I have to apologize for my sporadic posts lately, but hopefully things have calmed down around here and I will be getting back to normal, soon. 

But alas, here is my latest issue. 
My name is Sabrina and I have a jewelry problem!!
I hate to confess this, but my obsession is becoming a problem--an organization problem.

(I've actually started selling jewelry also--more on that later.) 
I did have a good organization system when I had about a gazillion fewer pieces, 
but THANK YOU Stella and Dot and many others for my latest problem

 So what am I doing to help with this problem--pinterest, of course.

I am really hoping to tackle this little issue soon
--at least now I have lots of great ideas to get me started.

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  1. Sabrina, these are some great ideas! I did some jewelry reorganization last week; but I still have some pieces I need to sort thru. Thanks for the inspiration!


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