A Sweet Little Treat

One of my good friends at work  (the girl that I call my sister from a different mother) and I are completely obsessed with "All Things Food"--like fancy schmancy, gourmet, Barefoot Contessa kind of food

We love gadgets, cute serving pieces, and anything that we can make or buy that will make us even more gourmetey (is that a word??). 
So,  the other day we were having a deep, serious discussion about some vanilla sugar that I bought when I was in Napa this summer. 
I was telling her how I used it in a creme brulee recipe and how wonderful it was. 
She went home an made her own. 
She then told me about how she used it in french toast and I decided that I needed to make some too. 
I also thought that a few of my girlfriends would like a little super fancy Valentine's gift.

I was looking around in blog land and came upon this beautiful site--Somewhere Splendid and she made these super cute little tags for Vanilla-Infused Sugar.  
It was kind of meant to be.

Vanilla Infused Sugar
2 vanilla beans, split and scraped
2 cups sugar

Place scrapings and sugar in the bowl of a food processor and pulse until well combined.  Pour sugar in jar and place 1/2 of vanilla bean in sugar.  Allow sugar to sit for 2 weeks and remove vanilla bean.  Serve in place of sugar.

I wrapped each with some cute red baker's twine and added the super cute tag.  I hope that my friends love them.


  1. Simple luxury, I love it! Very cute packaging too.

    Hey I tagged you today... not sure if you have time for these little games, it's just for fun, just get-to-know-you.
    Have a great day! Hope your late winter is nice and mild like ours. : )


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