March Friendly Feature--Vicki's House

Well, I meant to feature this lovely home in February, but completely ran out of time.  
So I decided that this month you would get two friendly features.

The first feature this month is the beautiful home of one of my best friends--

I met Vicki soon after we both moved into our current neighborhood.

 She and her husband, Jeff, built their house the same year that we did, 2001. 
They chose a gorgeous corner lot right at the entrance to our neighborhood.
There are many good things about the community in which we live--
but one of the best things is that all of the homes are custom--no cookie cutter track homes.
Vicki's home is one of the most beautiful custom homes in our entire neighborhood.

The Foyer

The foyer is very grand.  
Her staircase ends in a landing on the second floor taking you to two additional bedrooms and an office area, all beautifully decorated.
(Hopefully she'll let me come and take pictures at Christmas this year--you've got to see it.)

The Family Room

I love this room.  
It is very elegant and makes me feel so sophisticated whenever I'm in it.
(I think what I love the most is that it is so different than my house.)

The Kitchen

Her kitchen is simply gorgeous. 
(I definitely have some kitchen "envy" going on. )
Top of the line appliances and always immaculate.

The Dining Room
Here's a little bonus---
Vicki was having a little dinner party the day I took the pictures.
Her table is set and a few beautiful floral arrangements had just been delivered.

I really love all of the flowers and the black glasses really pop.  

The Master Bedroom
The Master Bedroom is off of the family room. 
It is dramatic and decorated completely different from the rest of the house.

The purple looks a little different in the pictures, but it dramatic and oh so beautiful.

The Master Bathroom

I could really imagine myself having a glass of wine and a bubble bath in here.

Guest Bedrooms
Both of the guest bedrooms are decorated for Vicki's nieces and nephews.


Thank you so much Vicki for opening up your home for this month's
Friendly Feature.



  1. Oh my yes, Vicki's house is stunning!! I love her color palate and attention to detail.

  2. I've known Vicki since we were 13, just a few years :-). I wouldn't expect anything less than gorgeous and her! Lisa P


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