Just Hanging Around

My husband and I just recently visited one of our favorite cities
--New Orleans--
for my 40th birthday.   

While wondering around the French Quarter, I was in awe of all of the beautiful baskets that line the balconies of the historic buildings.
I know that I always notice them, but the combination of the beautiful weather and vibrant colors really had me inspired.

We ran with the inspiration and thought that a few hanging baskets on our fences would add some beautiful greenery and color.
For our baskets we decided on "Blue Daze" (they can withstand heat and need very little water) and some moss.

I also fell in love with a "new to me" plant that we saw all over uptown and the Garden District.

Katrina African Iris

So we came home with eight new Butterfly Iris plants and a large Katrina African Iris.
I can't wait until they bloom and bring a little "Garden District" to my yard.



  1. Sabrina, this is such a beautiful post! I have always loved the iron architecture so prevalent in New Orleans. The railings and hanging baskets are gorgeous!

  2. I never leave New Orleans without a TON of inspiration for the gardens, the house, and the kitchen... I bet this year the gardens there are particularly gorgeous. Can't wait to visit.
    Hey good luck with your new plants, they're VERY pretty, and Happy Birthday from Oklahoma!! xoxo

  3. What lovely pictures! I can't want to go to NO one day! I'm coming over from Schue Love! New Follower! xoxo

  4. Been there! My Dad grew up in La. My Aunt has four daughters... Paula, Pam, Patti, Penny, and they were ALL married at the Cathedral. Gorgeous wedding! I love visiting and always a party on Bourbon St. New follower!


  5. I am glad you had a great time in my fair city. I reside Uptown and too love the butterfly irises. How are they doing? xo