Fake Friends in my Garden

Our fruit and vegetable garden is growing spectacularly this year. 
 We already are harvesting tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and herbs. 

 We have an enormous amount of blackberries on the vine and figs on our new little tree.

We are definitely reaping the rewards of the garden already,


the problem is---

so are the birds.

The birds are eating everything that they can manage to get their beaks on!!

I find at least one tomato a day with the tell-tale signs of birds.


We decided to play dirty.
We invited a few friends from the local garden store over to scare these birds away.

I am definitely an animal lover and would NEVER harm an animal in any way, 
but I am taking extreme pleasure in our new way of getting rid of the birds.

Meet Bobby the Cobra


Bessie the Owl

Bobby is a blow-up cobra/snake that should be moved everyday 
Bessie is a motion activated owl.

Hopefully, these friends will help with our little problem.

They are definitely giving this girl a run for her money, if nothing else---

You can see more of this year's garden here and here.

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  1. we have groundhogs, rabbits, and deer...
    your garden looks spectular!! i can't wait to get mushroom soil today..tomorrow we plant!

  2. Oh my, we have birds but they are more interested in protecting their babies from my 3 cats. We did find out we have shrews and the cats are taking care of those as well. Beautiful garden. Lesley

  3. Those pesky birds :) hopefully your buddies will scare them off. Have a great harvest!

  4. Your garden is looking great! My tomatoes are almost ready, but my peppers(I grew fro seed) are still only 3" tall. I think I'm giving up and heading to Lowe's this weekend to get a 6" plant! I've put black bird netting over our strawberries and blueberries and have our tomatoes in what looks like a rabbit cage.. I'm bound and determined not to let the critters get our produce.


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