A Rockin' Border

On my last yard post I hinted towards a big project.

Is this big enough for you?

3,600 pounds of Oklahoma Moss Rock

The husband and I decided that we (he) should surround all of the beds in our backyard with stone.

Last year, we added our rock patio around our vegetable garden and it is definitely our favorite place to sit and relax in our yard.  

I think that the finished project turned out great.

Thanks to my super-hard-working husband for carrying around 3,600 pounds of stone to make me happy.
It definitely worked.
You are the best!!


 here is what is left.
Just a little--
I'm thinking the perfect amount for a FIRE PIT!!!
(hint, hint)
What do you think??

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  1. Is that it! I want photos of the blood, sweat and tears that went into it :) Looks fabulous I love borders it really finishes a flower bed. I love how it looks and I can't wait to see the fire pit. It's a great thing when our husbands make us happy!!!

  2. Awesome! It looks amazing. I love the rock you chose too. We have lava rock around all our beds, which wouldn't have been my first choice, but FREE is a very good price. :o)

    We put our fire pit in last year and I can't believe how much time we spend by it now. Even when there's no fire goin'. We love it. We cooked our first dinner of the season over it last night. So fun. I say go for it.

    Here's a link to ours in case you want to check it out. :)

  3. Wow! It looks fabulous Sabrina!! We would love to do this in our yard...amazing! :)