My Parent's New House

It's official--my parents have moved to my hometown.
Some people might say--"Oh no!!!",
 I'm really excited--for me and for them.
I haven't lived in the same town with my parents for over 20 years.
(My Mom owes me a lot of meals!!!)

My Dad retired a few years ago due to health reasons and they felt that it was time to give up the acreage and move to the suburbs (not that small of a house, but a really small yard).

Their new house is really pretty.
Here are a few pictures of the outside and the main living areas.

I'm so excited for them and can't wait to share our adventure in decorating this new house.
(These pictures really make me want to stick a for sale sign in my front yard.)


  1. Don't you just love new houses? I sure do. I'll tell you what else I love... that exposed brick inside the house! Stunning!

  2. Oh, wow, Sabrina...this is just beautiful!! Makes me wanna move!


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