A Few Fall Decorations

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year.  
I love the colors, the cooler weather, and just being cozy.

I'm slowly, but surely getting all of my fall decorations out.

I usually stick to an earthy color scheme with pops of metallics instead of going  full-on Halloween.
I really like pumpkins, though.

Here are a few of my decorations from last year.
I snagged a bunch of these pumpkin candles from Pottery Barn a few years ago after Halloween for next to nothing. 
I never light them so I can use them year after year.
(My husband thinks that it crazy, but I asked him if he wanted to buy new ones every year and he quit  making comments!!!)

This year I am making a few new pillows and a throw for the family room and plan of changing up the dining room decor just a little bit.

I love this pattern with the green and blue leopard.
(Check out that coaster from my shop and the Versailles fleur de lis.)

This pattern is called "Crazy Old Bird" and it is one my all-time favorites.
It is so much fun!!
There are tons of colors, but it feels warm and cozy.

I have hung a few door decorations with some very awesome Halloween ribbon on them.
I instantly fell in love with this ribbon and plan on using it in a few other places.

Hopefully I will become motivated to complete the rest of my fall decorations, 
but I am sure that I will let the decorations trickle out for a few weeks.
It's still to early around here for real pumpkins and mums, but hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will get to enjoy fall temperatures pretty soon.

I'll share as soon as all of my sewing and fall projects are completed.
I'm really excited about a few new ideas that I am planning.


  1. Sabrina, your fall touches are so pretty! I've only done the wreath on the door...too warm for pumpkins and mums around here, as well.

  2. Lovely Fall decor.
    Have fun in my hometown. Where are you staying? The following restaurants are my faves:
    Quarter and CBD: Cafe Amelie, Luke, Muriel's
    Uptown: Superior Seafood, La Petite Grocery, Upperline, Clancy's, Brightsen's
    There are SOOOO many good places to eat.
    Fav Bars: Columns Hotel, Swizzle Stix at Lowe's, Boulingny on Magazine
    Shops: Hazelnut, Orient Expressed, Aux Belles Choses, Gentry.... all on Magazine
    I hope this is a great start. Check out my blog for more on Shopping and Eating!!! xo

  3. Great post. I love how you incorperated the fall decor in simple ways. I too often see people make their fall decor overbearing and it ends up not being the result they wanted.


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