Knock Ya Naked Margaritas

 Some people, probably not really funny people, call this a Corona Margarita, 
but I prefer to call it by the name that it creates when you drink it---

Knock Ya Naked Margarita

This margarita will, if consumed by the pitcher-full, might just make you naked!!
This recipe was given to me by my friend Nicole.
(She always has the best recipes.)

I know that margaritas are usually a summer-time drink, but it's still 100 degrees here and summer doesn't actually (officially) end for a few more weeks.  
(and I drink margaritas all year long, really as often as I can get them)
I thought that I would share this delightful libation.

 Knock Ya Naked Margarita

1 can of frozen limeade (12 oz.), slightly thawed
12 oz. Sprite
12 oz. tequila
1 corona beer
coarse salt

Pour all ingredients in a pitcher and stir to combine.  Garnish glass with lime and salt.



  1. Sabrina, this one is definitely going into my files! This looks wonderful!

  2. Margaritas always make my boyfriend, this is a no-brainer! :)


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