The Problem With Sarah's House...

I am oh so happy that one of my absolute favorite HGTV designers is back for another season of
Sarah's House.

I completely love watching Sarah & Tommy make a normal nice house something extraordinary.

The problem is... I start watching the marathons and then I start doing this---

 I just might be exaggerating a little bit, 
but it is a mess.
(See the culprits on the TV in the background.)

Look at these rooms...

 Oh Sarah, how I adore you!!!


  1. My sweet friend, I aubsolutely love this show as well! :)

  2. Sabrina, she is so good at what she does! She makes everyone want to redecorate...or at least, rearrange. Did you see the video I posted today? That will send you over the!

  3. I love Sarah wish I had her how she mixes patterns together. I love tommy he is a great sidekick.

  4. I don't watch TV but this show looks great. Now I am going to have to find out what time it comes on in my area.


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