How To Make A Pillow With An Invisible Zipper in 10 Easy Steps

So, I'm finally back.
I had the nastiest cold, ever!
It completely wiped me out for a little over a week.
I've been working on a few projects, since I've been home so much (couldn't get out much with all of the hacking and sneezing).
One confession I must make though--I've been blog stalking all week, but I don't know if it was sickness or maybe a little laziness that has kept me from keeping up with my blog.
(I guess I needed a little break.)
Whatever it was, though, I am glad to be back-I've missed it.

I thought that I would share a little project tutorial on one of my favorite things to completely change up your space.

Pillows !!!

I am constantly replacing them throughout my house.
I especially love to change them with the seasons.

Even better, I thought that I could show you in 10 easy steps.
(You must have some basic sewing knowledge.)

I hope this tutorial is not to confusing and inspires you to make a few pillows to change up your space.

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