So I thought I was on the mend,
feeling pretty good at the end of last week
when BOOM went my cold
and became bronchitis and walking pneumonia.
Now, no more continuing ed in NOLA this weekend and a lot of couch time.

Thanks Dad for the soup!!!
It was awesome.  

So now I'm blog stalking and doing this...

I'm on tumblr now and you can find me here!!
(It is very addicting.)
I'm also on instagram here.

I've also been using the heck out of netflix and hulu+.
They are so wonderful.

I've watched most of the espisodes of 

It is amazing.
Have you seen it yet?
I also want to watch

So I guess I better get back to TV watching and getting better.
Thank goodness I prescheduled a few posts when I was feeling better.
Make sure to check back tomorrow for a sweet treat!!!


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