Facial Cleanser--Let's Start at the Beginning

Last week I posted my first beauty post geared primarily for women 40 and over.
I've had some really great feedback from the post and am definitely inspired to carry on.

I thought, why not start at the beginning and talk about facial cleansers.

This is a huge subject for me, with my sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Thank goodness I'm not prone to break-outs  and can stick to really sensitive, calming cleansers.
I do have a little bit of rosacea, which I use a prescription to treat.
This is where I get most of my redness (on my cheeks).

I think that I have tried everything over the years--from cheap drugstore cleansers (what my dermatologist recommends) to really expensive department store cleansers.
I've found, overall, that a mid range cleanser made for sensitive skin really works the best for me.

Here are a few that I've tried and what I liked or disliked about them:

Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser

I'm currently using this cleanser with really good results.
It was recommended to me by a friend with similar skin type.
Easily removes eye makeup with no burning or irritation.
My face feels a little dry after use, but clean.
It does not create any redness or itching.
Overall price is good--$33.00 for 16 ounces.
This size lasted me several months.
You can read about it here.

Dior Gentle Foaming Cleanser

I used this cleanser with fairly good results, but really don't like the price.
$43.00 for 4 ounces.
Made my face really soft and smooth.
It did not foam, but I had no redness or itching.
It left my face feeling a little oily.
Not good for removing eye makeup, stings eyes.
It smells fabulous.
I probably will not use it again, but normally love Dior products.
You can read about it here.

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser

I used this cleanser with good results.
It creates a cooling effect and really calms my skin and removes any redness.
It is not very good with eye makeup.
It is easy to buy--and the cost is rather high-$51.00 for 16.9 ounces.
I really like this cleanser and will probably start using it again, especially in the summer
when I'm in the heat and sun.
Read about it here.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I have used the cleanser on and off for year.
My dermatologist actually recommends this for an everyday face wash with a good moisturizer.
It is a very gentle cleanser, not the best for removing eye makeup.
I use it when I've needed a gentle cleanser without having to remove any makeup.
It dried my skin out quite a bit with repeated use.
The price is fabulous--$13.00
Read more about it here.

What's your favorite facial cleanser?
Do you have any issues (allergies/irritations) that determine what kind you use?
I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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  1. I could not make out your reviews of each product because the font color is so light.

    When I turned 42 I broke out with eczema. Prior to that I never had any skin problems ever. It was a very traumatic experience for me. My skin was not sensitive at all either prior to the eczema break out. It got so bad that I begged the dermatologist to give me prednisone. I was on it for about two months and it cleared up my skin beautifully, but once the prednisone was out of my system I would break out again. After a while I decided to stop using the hydro-cortisone creams. I started putting ground flaxsseds in my cereal every morning and after about two weeks my skin started looking so much clearer. I also started using Eucerin cream on my face and that cleared it up too. I don't use Eucerin cream anymore on my face. I saw a video once on You Tube where an Asian girl who suffered from rosacea started washing her face with oatmeal. She showed a before and after picture and I was very impressed. She showed exactly how she used the oatmeal and I decided to try it. I had a container of Quaker Oats on hand and started washing my face with it daily. To my amazement it worked. I put about a tablespoon of oats in a tiny bowl and let it soak for about a minute or two in hot water. Then I scrub my face with it. You have to put a sink strainer on the drain so that rolled oats don't go down the sink and stop it up eventually. Washing my face with oatmeal made my skin look beautiful but I did notice that it was not good at getting all my foundation off. It is such a great cleanser if you are not wearing foundation though, so what I started doing is washing my face with noxema in the evening to make sure all dirt and foundation was off my face. Then in the morning I washed my face again using the oatmeal. An added bonus is that both are very inexpensive.


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