Family Room Updates

We've made a few changes to our family room so I thought that it would be a good time to share
a few new pictures.

The new floors have made such a difference in the room.
It seems so much larger.

Our family room, like the rest of our house, is very traditional.
I've tried to keep the color scheme very neutral, using pops of color in the accessories.
The walls are Benjamin Moore's Ambiance and Friar Brown on the accent wall.
All of the trim and wood work in our house is Benjamin Moore's Linen White.

The bar cart behind the sofa was originally in our dining room.
It's from West Elm and I absolutely love it.

I've added several crystal accents on the bar cart and the lamp on the side table.
I like to switch out the lamps and shades seasonally.
I really enjoy the lighter shades and all of the glass and crystal during the winter months.

 I recently added a few new pillows to change up our sofa and add a little color--my favorite orange.

The main color in the bookcases is green and my new pillows really tie all of the colors together.
I've tried really hard to edit, edit, edit.
These book cases are usually my nemesis.
They drive me absolutely crazy.
(I will probably never be happy with them!!)
I replace and redo constantly and they usually end up looking the same.
I try to use a lot of books--they are bookcases after all.

Here are a few close-up shots of the bookcases.
I've tried to display some of our antique bottles and clocks.

I still have a few small details to add/change in this room.
I am shopping for a rug--more on that later.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share...

The absolutely slowest blooming amaryllis in the history of the world.
I actually planted this right before Thanksgiving and it finally bloomed this week.


  1. Looking great, Sabrina!!! I still love those foyer plates!!! LOL.

  2. Your room looks so pretty and I think your bookcases look very nice.

  3. Everything looks really pretty. I love the green vases on the bookshelf. I'm never happy with the arrangement on mine either. I need Nate Berkus to come arrange them for me. :o)
    And that bloom is amazing, late or not!

  4. The room looks beautiful and you take great pictures. I need to learn how to use my digital camera better. I have so many points of interest in my own home but I need to learn how to use the darned camera. I am actually signing up for a photography course to learn how to use my camera for blogging. The original reason for starting my blog was to journal the restoration and show my love of decorating, but that has taken a back burner because I am hardly ever satisfied with the pictures I take.

    Thanks for sharing your home with us.


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