My Goals for 2013

I don't usually set "resolutions" for the new year,
but I do try to make a few goals for myself every year.

This year I have a few personal goals and a few goals for our home.


I would love to become a better baker--I know that this is a science to which I am not very proficient.

I am one of those "pincher" cooks--- a pinch of this, a dash of that.
I am not a specific cook.
I have been able to make simple baking recipes, but am hoping to improve my patience and try to be more specific with all of my measurements to make me a better baker.


I want to continue with making a new dish on Sunday nights (at least twice a month).

I started this a few years ago and it has really challenged my cooking skills,
as well as my imagination.
(And my husband loves it.)

I want to become better at photography.

I see all of these pictures on other people's blogs that are absolutely amazing.
I give it a pretty good try, but I really don't know what I'm doing at all.
This is a really big one on my list!!

Update:  I'm already making progress--I signed up for a photography class in February, 
I can't wait!!


I want to clean out my house.

This should probably be #1 on my list (but that's just too much pressure)!!
I dream of organized, comfortable home.
My closets are a total mess and I've put it off way too long.


I want to spruce up the laundry room.

(Thanks to my little babies---Bella, JuJu, and Lou) 
This is a must!


I will sew all of the fabric projects that I've started and have already bought!!

I really want to add pillows and throw made by yours truly to my shop and
finish all of the curtains for my bedrooms!!

And lastly... 
7. and a thank you  

For the last few years, I've decided that a goal of mine is to develop and grow my blog and 
my business.
Last year I opened my online shop in conjunction with my design business, and I have to say that the response has been very positive.  

 I have been altogether overwhelmed at the support shown me by my friends and family.
My business is growing by  leaps and bounds and I would like to say that I am completely thankful in every way!!


  1. I wouldn't hate doing laundry if I had a room that looked like that!
    I'm on a purging/organizing spree too. January is definitely when the crazies hit when it comes to wanting to clean up shop.
    I got a new "fancy" camera for Christmas and can't WAIT to learn how to actually use it. HA! I'd love to take a class and have been thinking about looking into our community college. I'm anxious to see how yours goes.

  2. Wow, all these photographs actually tell that you are very innovative. Loved your photography.


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