What I'm Reading--January

I am a member of the most awesome book club of all time!!!

Now you may disagree, 
and think that your book club is better, 
but I must say that mine is pretty awesome.

I have been in this book club for about 8 years now.
We read a book a month, and we eat at a fabulous restaurant every month.
Some of our members are originals, some are new, and some sporadic--
but we always have a great time.

That's the beauty of a book club, like ours, you just have to be interested and take the time,
you don't even have to read the book every month.
(Like when we read Dracula and Tale of Two Cities back to back--you know who you are!!)

Here's how our book club goes:

---Some months we just read and book and eat at a fabulous restaurant.
---Some months we read the book and see the movie--this is really great (especially when you have a husband that hates going to the movies).
--And, some months we read the book, see the movie, and eat at a great restaurant.
It's a win, win!!

One month we read a scary book and went on a haunted ghost tour of our city--that was a lot of fun!!
(We were acting like we were really scared on the cemetery tour--It was actually a little bit scary!

But, the best part of this book club is that we are not only reading really good books, eating really good food, and drinking really good wine...
we are really great friends!!

After all, it is pretty easy to become great friends with people that you spend at least one night a month with for years.

Not everyone could make it this month, but 
here are a few members of our fabulous book club out this month---

This month we read---

read about it here

This book was so good!
It had it all--a little bit of romance, some screwed-up-ness (is that a word) and a really good story.
I love a book that once I start reading it, I can't put it down and I can't wait to see how it ends.

This is totally me (btw)

We also saw the movie here and we ate dinner here.
(I'll definitely have to blog about this place later on--it's great!!)

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I would definitely recommend.  
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are both amazing!!!

A few other books that I've read this month are--
(I really know how to mix it up-wouldn't you say.)

read about it here
(my sweet MIL gave this to me)
read about it here
read about it here
read about it here
and if I get a chance before the month runs out, I'll definitely read

read about it here

Next month we are reading--

read about it here
Stay tuned fro more great books in February!!

Are you in a book club?
What are you reading?


  1. Several years ago I was in a book club and I agree that it is a lot of fun. We met once a month, but instead of going to a restaurant we rotated meeting at our homes. Everyone brought a dish to share. The food was always plentiful and delicious. We chowed down while discussing whatever book we read for that month. I did not always care for the choice of books, but with some of them I was glad I read.

    I joined Goodreads online. On Goodreads there are lots of groups you can join where you will find plenty of online conversation. It is nice to also be a part of a local book club, but I have not found one yet where I live now.

  2. We just read Gone Girl. Whoa! We also recently read Little Bee. There is SO MUCH great discussion with this book.