How I Organize My Beauty Products

I am always so inspired by super organized people.
I think that I'm pretty organized in parts of my life.
My bathroom is one of them.
(Do not expect to see my closet!!)

I absolutely love make-up and beauty products and I tend to buy lots and lots of them.
I recently did a quick little bathroom cabinet spruce-up and thought that I would share.

I've kept my brushes on my counter top for as long as I can remember, but recently I added a few more crystal bowls and some black sand to hold them up.
In the other bowls I added my lipsticks, eye liners, and mascaras.

I also added a few these gorgeous gold trays
 (I scored these from the after Christmas sale at Pier 1).

The glass jars are from Pottery Barn a few years ago and I bought the tissue cover here.

The next thing that required the most work were the insides of the drawers.
I used paper from here and lined the drawers and added some acrylic storage boxes for organizing my eye shadows and powders.
I also added a few bowls for sharpeners and a few specialty products.

I really love how this make-up drawer turned out and hope that it is going to be pretty easy to stay this neat and organized.

In the other drawers, I lined them with more marbled paper and added a few trays in gold, acrylic, and even wood.  
I used more bowls for the small things.

 Under the sink I added two large acrylic storage boxes to control my hair products, lotions, and other tall items that don't work that well in deep drawers.
This way there is no chance of the products falling over with the drawers closing.
Everything stays in its place.


  1. I'm loving your makeup and product organization! It looks great and must make it much easier to see what you have, and therefore actually use it and not forget that you have it! I wish I had the space, but for now I keep most of my things in a big case (like this:

  2. Love your organization, Sabrina! I love to have all of my makeup items organized, as well. It just makes it so much easier to get ready, when you don't have to dig thru the drawers to find things. You did a beautiful job!


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