Let's Talk About Moisturizers

I've got to be honest.
I'm a moisturizing addict!!

I can't go to bed at night without it and I can't leave the house in the morning without it.

I feel like my face (and body) drink it up.
Especially as I'm getting older, my skin is getting drier and drier.
And my moisturizer is more and more important.

Here are a few basic moisturizers that I've used and what I'm currently trying (last one).
All of these are around the same price range (about $50) and are good for wearing under your foundation.

I do apply a really intensive moisturizer, in addition to my nightly moisturizer, usually once or twice -a-week, but I find that a nightly moisturizer is sufficient.
(There's just something about applying a $150.00 moisturizer every night that I just can't handle.)

Here are a few really good ones that I've had good luck with.
All are easy to purchase (local department stores) and are good for sensitive skin.


I don't think that anyone would be disappointed with any of these.
All are really good nightly moisturizers.

My favorites are the Clarins and Bobbi Brown moisturizers.
They are both creamy and leave my skin feeling really hydrated.

The moisturizers by Lancome and Dermalogica are really soothing.

I just recently tried the Nuxe Face Masque (Birchbox sample) and was really happy with this purchase.
It's very soothing and calming, and I really like the consistency.

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