A Small Family Wedding

I don't know why I haven't posted these gorgeous pictures yet.
But I was thinking of it when I took last week off.

(I know, I took a week off--it was one of the craziest weeks that I've had in a long time--more on this later this week---I had a heck of a chemical burn on my face--yes, my face!!)

But now on to the beautiful wedding.

Our daughter Lauren gave us a whole three weeks to plan her wedding.
It really wasn't all that bad though.
Once we had a definite "yes" from the caterer, bakery, photographer, and florist--it was smooth sailing.

Lauren and Tanner were married in the most beautiful little country church.
The church had also been the wedding site to his mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.
Lauren's attendants were her sister, Paige, and her childhood friend, Emma.
Tanner's two brothers served as the groomsmen.
It was a small, intimate wedding.
We were so lucky to have the food catered by my good friend, Tiffany Martin,
and all of the photography was by Dee Ann Arnold (who is awesome).

Congratulations to Lauren and Tanner!!


  1. Oh my gosh, they look so young! And now I feel especially OLD!
    The photographs are great, she did a really good job. And I love the cake!

  2. Beautiful! I can't believe Lauren is married :)

  3. Beautiful. You all look great. I love these photos! AND, I was thinking they looked so young too! OMG! I'm getting old as I was thinking why would Sabrina let a 14yr old get married?!?! Much Love, Amanda

  4. Congratulations to your daughter. The bride and groom look so young. I think three weeks to plan a wedding is not bad at all. When you give yourself too much time you spend much more money.


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