I Felt The Burn

I know that I mentioned in my post on Monday that I had a heck of a week last week.
I actually had an allergic reaction to a very popular facial regimen 
that resulted in a chemical burn to my face.

I know you are saying to yourself--"Oh My Gosh, That's Bad".
And yes, it really was.

After visiting my dermatologist last week, I met with the esthetician in his office.
We discussed several different facial products that I might possibly want to try.

I decided on Obagi.
I've heard nothing but good things about this product.
In my research, I did hear that it was strong.
But, in no way did I think that it would effect me the way that it did.
I was just hoping for a miraculous transformation--younger looking skin.

(Now, I am in no way saying that this product is not good or that my dermatologist was not correct in recommending it--I am just sharing my story.
My dermatologist's office actually went above and beyond in helping me with this--I was seen right away and given free medical care and a full refund of my money.)

What I do want to mention in this post is that I did not do my part to make sure that this product would work for me.
I should know better, I have horrible allergies.
I know that I have mentioned that before, but I've never had a reaction to a cosmetic.

I have always tried new products out on a tender part of my arm--in the bend of my elbow.
They say the skin is thin there and will show you if you are prone to irritation.
I did actually try out the product, but only one of the products.
They are all so different and I was not very smart to not try them all.

I used this product twice and I woke up at 2:00 am with a face swollen approximately three times my normal size.

I was completely freaked out.

I can't bear to share the whole picture of my face, but here is a close up of my skin.
(I actually had water blisters all over it--and this was after 3 Zyrtec, 6 Benadryl, and a Cortisone shot.)

So here is the moral of the story--always try out every single product prior to putting it on your face!!
Especially if you have allergies.
Mine are actually getting worse the older that I get.

I cannot stress this enough and believe me I will always try out everything prior to using it.

All of this has really gotten me to thinking about using more natural products, especially when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products.
The only problem is--what if I'm allergic to those products?
I thought that I've had every allergy test possible, 
but now I've got to have a week long test for chemicals.

I plan on researching this more and hopefully sharing my finds right here.

(** Actually I'm now almost all the way healed--my face is a little tender, but basically had a chemical peel.
My skin peeled off in sheets.
It is still a little dry and I'm still using a cortisone cream on it until it heals all of the way.
I have used a light moisturizer (all natural) and my face seems to look pretty good.**)

Have you ever had an experience like this?
Do you use all natural products??

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