Sweet Links

This weekend, my hubby and I ventured to the Big D to get our shop on.
He's so excited!!
He loves following me around asking me "Where are you going to put that?" and "Don't you have a shirt exactly like that one at home?".  
Just kidding--he's a good sport and we really needed a quick getaway.
Hopefully it will be romantic and fun--lots of good food too.

I've been wondering around the blogosphere and here are some fantastic sites you should check out--

You''ll fall in love with her photography and I can't wait to make this recipe--my mouth is watering.
Doesn't it look great--yum.

This site is amazing, more beautiful food pictures.
I wish that I was this creative with my photography (gotta work on that).

Maybe my next dinner party will  be styled like this one, we'll see.

I really want a bedroom like this, or whole house actually.

Hope you have a great weekend!!

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