A Few Patio Updates

This time of year we really neglect the interior of our house and spend most of our time outdoors.
The weather is absolutely perfect
(when it's not raining and it's not too hot, yet).

I've started to add a few touches (pillows and a few accessories).
Hopefully this weekend we will start to add some color--
I can't wait to add flowers, flowers, and flowers.
We have a few parties coming up and plan to use the patio to the fullest.

Here we are  so far on our patio closest to our house...

We've added a buffet/bar table for serving.  
The bottom is iron with a copper.
(Similar to the end and coffee tables.)

I've got to mention my husband's latest diy project.

An antique shutter made into a planter.  
He added staghorn fern, and ivy in two varieties. 

 Also, we've added an antique sail fish to liven up the wall.

I couldn't resist showing you one of our three little helpers--Bella.
She wouldn't move from this spot.

We definitely use our patios as outdoor rooms in the spring, early summer, and fall.
(I've got a few more outdoor projects coming and plan to share soon.)

Hope you are enjoying spring as much as we and Bella are!!


  1. If I live there I will definitely do the same, I prefer to stay more at the patio than inside.

    Denver Patio