Our Back Yard Garden--End of April

On weekend nights, when we decide to stay in, 
we have fallen into a routine sitting on the patio until dark (sometimes after--usually the mosquitos determine when we go inside).
I usually always have a cocktail or a glass of wine and we wander around the garden looking at all of the plants and flowers.
It's a very relaxing night.

Here are a few pictures that I took of our garden this past Friday night
(cocktail and camera in hand).

An amaryllis left over from two winters ago.

One of the flower beds behind the driveway.
This bed is really starting to come together.
It's full of plants that butterflies love.
The fence is covered in starlight jasmine, getting ready to bloom.

A few elephant ears, just starting to emerge.

One of my favorite--Louisiana iris

Our "Katrina" rose.  It's over 40 feet long.  
 The roses in our backyard are really looking good.  
Our plan is for them to cover the entire length of the fence. 

Katrina roses and Iceburg
day lilies and horsetail fern

Thyme and Strawberries

This is my absolute favorite flower bed in our yard.
I absolutely love the ferns, gerber daisies, hostas, and japanese maples.

Yellow flag iris


  1. Ooooh, I love all these pictures! BUT, that rose on the fence takes the cake. Holy moley, that thing is incredible!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous. Seriosly, I am sending that image of your Katrina rose to our gardner as we speak to see if it would work in our backyard. It is so beautiful that I can totally understand how you'd never want to leave.


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