Homemade Mango Butter Moisturizer

Today I'm so happy to share a fabulous recipe for

Homemade Mango Butter Moisturizer

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Pictured is a block of mango butter from an eBay seller that, unfortunately, closed her online store some time ago.  I will have to go looking for another supplier that sells unrefined mango butter for the very reasonable price I used to get it for.  I keep it in my refrigerator to keep it fresh, but if you do not want to do that the butter does have a long shelf life.   


Pure unrefined mango butter

Aloe vera gel

Vegetable glycerin

Vitamin E oil

Castor oil or Sweet Almond oil

Organic coconut oil

Distilled water

I am sorry to say that I cannot give you measurements because I never measure anything.  I just go by instinct.  It is best to start small and then add more if you feel that your mixture needs more.   I will give approximate measurements if that will help you.


The first step I forgot to take a picture of which is the melting of the mango butter.  In a stainless steel pot on very low heat slowly melt about 4 to 5 cups of mango butter.  Keep an eye on it and you can even stir it if you want to.  When most of the mango butter is melted turn off the stove and take the pot off the heat.

Pour the melted mango butter in your stand mixer bowl.  Use your mixer attachment for whipping.  Start whipping the melted mango butter at very low speed so that it does not splash all over the place.  As you see the butter start to stiffen a little turn off the mixer and add about half a cup of distilled water.  Turn the mixer back on and start whipping again at a little higher speed.

When you see the mango and water blended well turn off the mixer and add about  1/8th cup of coconut oil, 1/8th cup of aloe vera gel, about one tablespoon of vitamin E oil, one tablespoon of castor oil or sweet almond oil and one tablespoon of vegetable glycerin.  I have castor oil in my picture of ingredients, but I ended up using sweet almond oil instead.

Start the mixer up again at medium speed.  You will see the concoction stiffen up some more.  Keep increasing the speed of the mixer until you have reached the highest speed it can go.  My Kitchen Aid stand mixer goes up to a speed of ten.  On extremely high speed the mango butter concoction will start to look like delicious freshly whipped butter.  You will want to take some and spread it on a hot slice of toast, but don’t do it.  Remember, this is body creme you are making.   
Make sure that you stop the mixer at times and test the texture to make sure it is of the consistency that you like it.  I like the mixture to be the consistency of whipped butter because it does become more solid about a day after you prepare it.  I like for it to melt quickly when I put it on my skin and in my hair.   Yes, I use it in my hair as well to keep moisture locked into the strands.   This is also what I use as my face moisturizer.  Whipped mango butter is my head to toe full body moisture treatment. 

I use empty jars of what used to contain Eucerin cream that I formerly used to treat dry skin.  I no longer use store bought moisturizers.  I have been making this whipped body butter for a while now and it keeps my skin very moisturized, healthy and glowing.     

I needed three jars to pack it all into, but it lasts me for quite some time.  It is very easy to make your own body moisturizer, but I prefer not to have to stop and make it too often, so I normally make enough to fill about 2 to 3 large containers.  The concoction does swell up as you are whipping it.  

Well, there you have it!


Thanks Xenia for sharing this great recipe.  
I definitely need to try it!!

Have you ever made homemade moisturizer??

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  1. This is funny - I've been using pure coconut oil for the past year on my face, and just started adding vitamin E to it. Before that, I was using BioOil, which has lots of E in it as well. Coconut oil works just as well, and is tons cheaper!


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