Looks Like We've Got A Lot of Work To Do...

Yesterday we were thankful to have a house to go home to.
A tornado came through our home town, 
specifically in the area in which we live.

Our house survived the tornado and so did all of my friends and family.
I haven't heard the extent of the damages, 
but I've heard that they are pretty bad throughout our city.

We lost most of our landscaping and now have some extensive cleaning to do.

Here are a few pictures of the destruction.
We mainly had hail damage.

Our front flower bed.

The back yard vegetable beds and our fence.

These were peppers.

The hail in the front flower beds.

Our magnolia tree.

A sad little magnolia flower.

This is our flagstone patio.

The patio.  Most of the pots were turned over, but the glass table survived.

Loquat tree

Leaves look as if they are glued to our house.

 These were beautiful tomato and basil plants.

One of the front flower beds.

I'm very sad about our yard, but am so thankful in every way that our home was spared.
I know we are extremely blessed and "lucky" beyond words to have only had yard damage.
I am also so thankful that there have been no reports of anyone losing their life from this storm.
God is good.

I do have one kind of funny thing that happened with this storm.
I was at work, at the nursing home, when the storm came through.
Our gym is full of windows so we had to evacuate and move all of the patients to the long term care portion of the building.  
All of the patients had to be moved into the hallways.
I was sitting by a really cute little lady who continually asked me,
"When can I go back into my room?"
I told her that it might be a little while because there was a tornado and we needed to sit in the hallway so that we would be away from windows.
She said "That sounds really bad".
In about 1 minute, we had the same conversation over again approximately 20 times.

Gotta love nursing home patients!!


  1. So sorry about your yard! I'll bet those tomato plants bounce back, though.

  2. My friend, I completely understand. We had a major hail storm here a few weeks ago that devastated our yard, roof, etc... I am so sorry. I feel for you.

    Amanda @ mommy is coocoo

  3. Oh gosh! I've been through more than my fair share of tornadoes and one hurricane, so I know exactly how you feel. So glad you fared well!

  4. Oh my gosh, how scary!!!! I'd cry if I walked outside to that, but like you said, it could have been so much worse. Glad everyone made it through okay.


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