My Absolute Favorite Summer Product--Tantalizer

Lorac's Tantalizer is one of the best instant tan products that I have ever tried.
The application is super easy and makes your skin look great.
It even has a little shimmer to it.

I absolutely love this product!!

One of my best friends and I found this on a girl's day full of shopping and we are both hooked.
In the summer, you won't find us without it.
It gives you a little bit of color without looking too "tan" if that makes sense.
I am really pale and she is really olive and it looks great on both of us.

Here's an example of how wonderful this stuff is---
(sorry for the horrible pic--I took it on my phone, but it does show the difference)

It's just a little bit of color, but just enough to make a spectacular difference in dresses and short-sleeve or sleeveless tops.
You just need to make sure that it dries really well before putting it next to clothing.
However, it does wash out if you get it on your favorite shirt.

Here's what they say about it...

TANtalize, mesmerize and moisturize with LORAC’s Body Bronzing Luminizer. This quick-drying, long-wearing body makeup instantly gives you a sexy, flawless, better-than-natural Red Carpet tan…without streaking!

Give it a try.
I would love to know what you think!!

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