Thirsty Thursday--Honeydew Mimosas

I absolutely love any cocktail that has a little fizz--
champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco.

And Mimosas are one of my favorites.
I went to a shower not to long ago and the hostesses had an entire mimosa bar.
I was in heaven.

This recipe for Honeydew Mimosas is a perfect drink for brunch or even cocktail hour.
It's light and refreshing.
The honeydew and sparkling wine are absolutely made for each other.
I gave it a little extra oomph with the subtle addition of mint.

Honeydew Mimosa

2 ounces honeydew juice
1/2 ounce mint simple syrup
sparkling wine
melon for garnish

In a shaker filled with ice, pour in the honeydew juice and mint simple syrup.  Shake until well combined and chilled.  Pour into a chilled champagne flute and top with sparkling wine.  Garnish with a piece of melon.


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  1. Yes, yes, and yes. It's just been over the past couple years that I've become obsessed with sparkling wines. I LOVE them now. And a mimosa bar is pretty much a vision of heaven. I get giddy when I see one. I'm gonna have to run down a honeydew and make these this weekend, for sure.