I Haven't Cooked A Thing...

I think the titles says it all.  
I really haven't cooked a thing, sewn anything, or decorated any space in my house.
I've been out of town every weekend lately and my precious friends have been entertaining me when I'm in town.  
(I definitely could not ask for better friends.)

There have been a lot of changes around our house lately...the not fun kind.
But it seems that everything is going to work out, and actually for the better.
God truly does work in mysterious ways.

We have been surviving on cheese and crackers and getting a new roof,
so it's been kind of hard to concentrate with all of the hammering and...
(thanks, tornado)
it's also been really hot and I have not been in the mood to heat up the house,
everyday is at least 100 degrees.

Don't worry though, I definitely have a Thirsty Thursday coming.
The cocktails have been flowing, it would probably be a disaster if they stopped flowing.
Cocktails make everything cool!!!

So I'll keep this short and sweet--I'm taking a little tiny break from cooking (until the weather reaches a normal 95 degrees),
but make sure to check back on Thursday for another great cocktail.

Also,  look what's new coming to LouLou Sucre in the very near future...

 Acrylic tumblers, wine glasses, and koozies
in new colors and patters.
Also new phone case patterns, platters, and stadium seats.

Make sure to check back soon for your favorite colors and patterns for back to school.

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  1. Ugh, sorry about the roof. It always sucks to spend money on house stuff that isn't pretty. Let alone dealing with the construction part.

    I need to take a cue in the no-cooking department, though. We are officially gutted, including the floor. I think that deserves a few nights off in the kitchen.

    Super cute monogrammed stuff! I'm partial to the wine glasses. :)


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